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clean up

Remove anything that you do not need out. You are going to have to pack it away at some point so why not start now. In other words, clear the clutter. Paint walls an neutral color and clean the carpets and hard floor surfaces


hire a professional

No one knows your local market better than a professional real estate advisor. Having an agent that you feel comfortable with and is looking out for your best interests is one of the smartest moves you can make when you are selling a home.


sell in the right season

Expenses can add up quickly the longer it takes to sell your home and you will be less likely to find a buyer to pay the asking price. Put your house on the market in the spring or fall, when most buyers are typically looking, and avoid the “seasonal slow periods” of mid-summer and mid-winter.


get home inspected

Having your home inspected by a licensed home inspector allows you to make necessary repairs before listing your home. An inspection may help you to price your home realistically, and alert you of any immediate safety issues, like radon or mold. Providing a copy of the inspection report to potential buyers may relieve their concerns, and even waive the inspection contingency.


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